A Sales Team’s Dream

February 25, 2015 3:25 pm No Comments

The computer and the phone.  They’re a salesperson’s best friends, but do they work together?  Can they?  Netsuite & Shoretel say YES, and prove it with a deceptively simple integration that has a huge impact on how you run your day.

The first part of the integration is the click to dial.  Seems almost insultingly simple at first glance – great, now I don’t have to tire my fingers out with all that dialing, right?  But it’s more than that – it automatically creates a record of your call in Netsuite.  You can even record your call, attaching it to the record in Netsuite for later reference.  Never again forgetting to record a call with a customer – that has great implications for a sales team!  It saves time on record keeping, but it also keeps you from accidentally inundating customers with multiple calls from multiple team members who didn’t have any idea what anyone else is doing.  And, yes, it allows your boss to see what you’re doing and know you’re working.  It’s a win all around, really.

The second piece is a little more in-depth – it has to do with marketing.  Netsuite has a marketing platform, of course, and it’s more than capable of keeping track of your call blitzing and seeing how many calls were placed, and who placed the most, and that sort of general tracking.  But quality over quantity, right?  That’s where Shoretel comes in – their in-depth analytics work in tandem with Netsuite’s to show what sales people (or scripts!) were most effective, so you can update your marketing efforts accordingly.

It’s always the simplest integration that packs the most punch, isn’t it?

By Kaitlan Williams