Building Your Business – On The Go!

October 1, 2014 2:05 pm No Comments

If Lisa had Google Apps & Zoho CRM for her business, Joe’s woes would have been over before they even began! With full mobile apps that allow your employees to work on the go, they’re the perfect solution to the customer service/too much to do dilemma of the past.

Using Google’s mobile platform, Joe would have had access to the customer’s files immediately with Drive. With the Gmail app, he would have been able to quickly send them from wherever he was, as soon as he got off the phone – rather than waiting till he got back to the office and potentially making mistakes. Meanwhile, Zoho’s mobile app would have prompted him to make a notation of the call on the customer record – ensuring that the customer’s request could be followed up on, further impressing her with their customer service. Because he could have done all of this from his smartphone, he wouldn’t have had to make a stop at the office, ensuring his errands were finished quickly.

If you’re concerned about the cost – in dollars or in time – to get these applications up and running for your business, have no fear! Twin Lights Group’s GoZo 2014 promotion can help your business become more powerful and efficient today! We’ll not only get you set up on each application – we’ll integrate them, input your current customer records, and train you on best practices, so that you’re ready to start working from day 1! The cost is only $40/user/month – a smartphone plan is more expensive! Call or email us today to find out how we can get your business running more efficiently.

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