Cloud-Based Technologies Positively Impact Non-Profits

October 1, 2014 2:00 pm No Comments

Hi everyone! Over the past few months, we at Twin Lights Group have been working on a number of cloud-based projects for various clients, including several non-profits. We have been talking about the merits of Software-as-a-Service products and other cloud-based platforms for some time now, and as it turns out, these benefits are just as applicable for non-profits.

Like all organizations, non-profits are being asked to do more with less. This is compounded by the reality that non-profits typically lag behind their for-profit counterparts and their funding sources are drying up due to the weak economy. To do more with less, has historically required capital investment in order to purchase productivity-enhancing applications and systems.

Enter SaaS.

With its user-based pricing model, new non-profits can establish operation quickly and easily without the need for capital to buy, install, and integrate the systems. For established non-profits, they can afford to replace their legacy platforms with comparable SaaS platforms. By doing so, they eliminate expenses associated with contracts, support services and more.

That is – more for less!

No matter what their strategy for creating a budget, non-profits are leveraging cloud services for

• Email and Calendaring
• Voice Communications with flexible routing of calls to employees and volunteers
• Constituent Relationship Management
• Non-profit financials & operations
• Communications & Collaboration between employees, volunteers, constituents, and partners
• Online intake of applications and requests for services and donations

The results for non-profits using SaaS products are positive and promising:

• More funds are going to the mission of the non-profit instead of the technology
• More services are being offered
• More accuracy and efficiency means less mistakes
• Operating expense are reduced
• Less manual work so employees and volunteers are more productive

So whether you are big or small, have been around for decades or just starting up, cloud-based technologies can definitely have a positive impact on your organization. We hope that other non-profits will realize the value of using SaaS products and follow in the footsteps of these organizations that are already reaping the benefits. In the future, we look forward to writing more about the great results that non-profits have achieved from using ‘the cloud’!

By Rita Das

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