Cloud Services

Twin Lights carefully selects best-in-class Cloud and Connectivity Service Providers. We fully certify our Sales Executives, Business Analysts & Engineers in each of their programs, giving us a deep understanding of what solutions would work best for your company.  Our SUREStart program allows your business to painlessly get up and running on any of the services we offer, with your staff fully trained and ready to use the product to its fullest capacity.  Our ongoing SURESupport program ensures that you’re supported throughout the life of your service, so that you’re not facing any issues that may arise alone.

Our Infrastructure Partners

AT&T is a leader in the telecommunications field.  Twin Lights Group is a leading AT&T Solution Provider & Channel Champion.  We specialize in MPLS, IP Voice, Virtual Private Cloud & Hosting offers.  Our years of working with AT&T means that we can provide you with a high level of technical expertise, as well as personal account management, through the life of your relationship with AT&T.
If you are doing business in today’s world, your business is in the cloud.  Zscaler is a leader in cloud security & can help ensure that your business isn’t being compromised.  TLG has been working with Zscaler for years, and can help you implement the solutions that are best for your business.  We can help you determine exactly what your business needs are, and how Zscaler can fill those needs.  We will also actively work with you as your business grows, scaling the solution to ensure it remains the right fit for you.
Shoretel Sky is a leader in cloud VoIP services.  VoIP services allow you to take your office with you, unchaining you from your desk.  Shortel Sky provides a full suite of cloud services that goes well beyond any ordinary phone system.  From receiving voice mails over email, to the ability to record & track employee phone calls, to call center services, Shoretel Sky literally has something for every office.  Twin Lights Group has been a Shoretel Sky partner for years, and our experience shows it.  Our engineers can prepare your network & on-site hardware for the system, and our Business Analysts can guide you through the options to decide what’s best for your business.

Our Software As A Service Partners


boxnetBox_Channel_Logo is the industry leader in secure cloud storage and sharing solutions.  It allows you to share documents inside and outside your organization for collaboration, within security limits set by your company and without risk of loss of data.  Twin Lights Group’s Business Analysts work with you to determine your exact needs – from compliance issues down to granular security controls.  When we work with Box to set up your account, you can rest easy knowing that everything will be provisioned exactly the way your company needs it, and you never need to worry about data leaks or an intern getting access to the wrong file.
Google is one of the most recognizable names in the technology sphere today.  Their Apps for Work suite (formerly Apps for Business) is a powerful suite of tools that can help any business become more powerful and streamlined.  By synching email, calendar, chat, and document sharing, Google has created a cloud workspace for your company that is unmatched by any competitor.  Twin Lights Group can help guide you through the process of implementing & rolling out their apps for your business, as well as providing ongoing support.
Netsuite is a combination ERP/CRM system that can function as a total cloud solution for your business.  From customer invoicing to running marketing campaigns to keeping track of inventory, there is little that Netsuite can’t do to help keep the financial aspect of your business under control.  Twin Lights Group has extensive experience working with this system, and can help determine what parts of the product is right for your business and train your employees on those parts to ensure 100% adoption rates and get your business working at a higher rate of efficiency.  As your business grows and your needs change, our ongoing support ensures that your solution is flexible and can grow along with your business, sparing you the growing pains that plague so many businesses.
Zoho is often referred to as a “Low Cost, High Value” system, and for good reason.  The a la carte type menu that allows you to pick and choose exactly the applications that you need to effectively run your business, without spending money on applications that you’re never going to touch.  You can trust Twin Lights Group’s Business Analysts to guide you to the right choices, ensuring that you make the best choices for your business.  And, of course, when your business outgrows the choices you’ve made, we’ll be right there, ready to guide you to the next step, allowing your software to grow along with your business.
Intermedia provides a full service Business in the Cloud option for small to medium sized businesses.  With single sign on access to hosted Exchange, hosted PBX, file sync & share, identity & access management, email archiving, security, mobility and more, they allow you to take your business to the cloud quickly and easily.  As a partner, Twin Lights Group is there to guide you every step of the way, from determining which of Intermedia’s services are the right fit for your company, to rolling them out & getting your team trained and using their new tools, to providing ongoing support & troubleshooting.