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January 6, 2015 3:13 pm No Comments

The ability to communicate with your customers may be the most important aspect of your small business, though it’s one you probably give very little thought to – as long as your customers have your office number and email address, everything is good, right?  But what if there’s an emergency, and the need support on your product, and you aren’t in the office?  Or they want to place an order, but because you didn’t get their email right away, you lost the sale.

By using software that includes mobile apps, you’ll never have to worry about dropped communication between yourself and your customers again.  Google’s Apps for Work are all available in mobile form, ensuring that you never miss an email again – and since Drive comes included, you’ll always have your company documents available, if you need to include them in your response.  It even includes Hangouts so you can get chat messages on your phone (on Android phones, you can use Hangouts as your main texting app).

Shoretel Sky’s cloud phone system has a fully functional app as well, that allows you to answer your desk phone calls on your cell phone, as well as having full access to your voicemail system.  You can even place calls from the app, so the caller ID shows your office number rather than your cell!  It’s a great way to stay connected to your office while you’re out on the road, and ensure your customers never feel left out.

Your cell phone is already a huge part of how you stay connected to the wider world.  By adding a few business-focused apps, you can expand your horizons even further, ensuring communication is never an issue for your business!

By Kaitlan Williams

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