Customers in the Cloud

October 1, 2014 2:43 pm No Comments

Working from home is only as effective as the tools you have access to.  A few years ago, working from home was an absurd dream.  Work was in the office, and there was no way to access it at home.  The advent of computers and emails changed that slightly, but there was still the issue of access to data. Without access to customer and sales records,working from home would essentially just be monitoring my email and phone calls while creating a lengthy to-do list for when I returned to the office.  This is where having your information on the cloud is a game-changer.  Enter Netsuite.

Nestuite is a combination CRM / ERP that is hosted entirely on the cloud – meaning that even on days that I’m working from home, I have full access to all our company’s customer and financial records.  It becomes simple for me to input customer orders, payments & estimates, as well as create POs and place our own orders, as though I was in the office, from my own home office.  All because all the work I do is in our central system, rather than on a personal spreadsheet, my entire team can easily see what I’m doing and react where approrpriate.  Netsuite ensures that I have the flexibility I need to maintain my work / life balance, without slowing our business to a crawl.

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