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October 1, 2014 1:54 pm No Comments

Hi everyone! We know this has not been updated in a while, but it’s only because we’ve been very busy! Over the past couple of months we have been implementing various collaboration tools, like Google Apps,, and NetSuite for our customers. These tools have enabled us and our clients to share online documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, create websites and group wikis, and do so much more. Oh and we can’t forget that they also provide us with the ancient features of custom emailing and calendar too! The best part about these tools, though, is that everything is stored in one place and accessible from anywhere. Remember work doesn’t stop just because you’re not physically in the office! Which is why these tools came in handy when one of our managing partners, Dave, went to the SuiteWorld Conference for Netsuite in San Francisco and our other managing partner, Scott, went to Florida. By having these tools, they were able to stay on top of all their work for their clients and they didn’t miss a thing. Best part, they didn’t even have to lug their laptops across the country. So far from our experiences, cloud technology has really helped our company work together with each other and with our clients even when we aren’t together!

As we use these collaboration tools, we have also come to the realization that it is hard to know which one is the best to use for a given situation. They all have their pros and cons and sometimes picking the most appropriate one for, let’s say, putting together a team project or for creating a wiki for your client, is not always obvious. Then there’s the fact that if you don’t have a good sound policy, you might end up having your information spread out over different tools, making it difficult to find what you are looking for. That kind of kills the whole value prop around cloud computing.

Through our own trials and errors, we have found that by establishing basic guidelines, it can make the decision process much easier and save time in the long run. We have been able to take what we have learned and pass it onto our clients. Every situation is different and there is no one set of policies to go by. Therefore, you will need to develop a plan to reflect your unique environment policies. So before you start building that next internal website for a client or creating that excel report that you want to share, why not step back and first come up with some simple rules so that you don’t have to worry about which tool will be most effective each time you want to collaborate. In the end, doing this will only make you and your organization more efficient.

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By Kayleigh Murtha
Cloud Marketing Specialist

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