Document Integration

February 16, 2015 5:12 pm No Comments

Integrating your cloud applications helps run your business more efficiently.  By integrating your document solution with your customer relationship manager (CRM), you can simplify the processes of most of your departments.  Your business will run more effiiciently, allowing you to grow faster & further than ever before!

  • Integrating Box with Netsuite gives your sales team immediate access to all documents that relate to their customer.  Having all the documentation at their fingertips allows them to better serve your customers, since they’re able to referencce previous orders as well as any contracts you have with them.
  • Automatically syncing all your customer information also benefits your financial team, giving them a better view of sales going out as well as purchases coming in.
  • Your marketing team can easily collaborate on your ecommerce site, without worry about emailing files back and forth or version control.
  • Legal easily cross-references contracts, Ts&Cs, and other important documentation to the clients they’re associated with.

In short, integrating Box with Netsuite can make life easier for every member of your team!

By Kaitlan Williams

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