Dueling Calendars

October 1, 2014 2:06 pm No Comments

Google Apps & Zoho CRM are both excellent apps in their own right – but using them at the same time without integrating them is cutting their effectiveness in half. By integrating them and allowing them to work together, you can take huge business pressure off yourself and allow the apps to work at their highest level of efficacy. In Tim’s case, if he had integrated Google Apps & Zoho, the calendar features would have been able to communicate – if someone put in a customer appointment in their Zoho calendar, it would have also shown up on her Google calendar, ensuring that his salespeople weren’t double booking themselves. Once the double booking issue was solved, Tim’s monthly staff meetings became much more effective, and the sales team was motivated by having other salespeople to bounce ideas off of.

Integrating your apps can be the key to making your business more effective, but trying to integrate them yourself can suck time and money out of your business. Instead, call Twin Lights Group to help bring your business to the future! Starting at just $40/user/month, our plan is less expensive than a traditional smartphone plan, but you get so much more. Not only will we provision your apps and input all the information you need to get started using it, but we’ll integrate the apps and train your team on best practices, ensuring they’re using the system to its highest efficacy. Call or email us today to find out how we can help your business!

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