Employee Flexibility

October 1, 2014 2:10 pm No Comments

As a business owner, there are tons of considerations involved in moving to the cloud – cost, ease of use, initial time investment – so much so that it can quickly become overwhelming. One consideration that should never get lost in the mix, however, is the impact cloud services can have on your employees’ work lives. Having access to your office through the cloud can mean your employees are no longer tethered to their desks. This can lead to a happier, healthier workplace – employees will feel less pressure to come into work sick if they can work from home and still be productive, and it’s much easier to balance home and work with extra flexibility. Happier, healthier employees create happier, healthier companies – the additional productivity you get out of your employees can make a big difference!

Here at Twin Lights Group, we’re big proponents of practicing what we preach – we use many of the cloud services we sell, and they make a huge difference in how we work and run our business. As an employee, these services have a major impact on my ability to be a productive employee while still balancing my family life. Especially as I begin my journey as a working mom, the cloud services we use on a daily basis help me balance my work responsibilities with my family life. They’ve helped me be a happier, healthier, and more productive employee – which is great for the business as well as for me personally.

Over my next few posts, I’ll call out a few of the systems that we use in our business that I think have had the most impact on my work life. Each of them helps provide me with the flexibility to take care of my family and personal life, while being a productive employee and allowing me to get more work done in less time. I truly believe that they can do the same for any business, and by extension, the employees of that business!

By Kaitlan Williams

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