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Running a small business takes focus.  Unfortunately, it’s impossible to focus on more than one thing at a time (after all, that’s basically the definition of the word!).  And when day-to-day processes and repetitive tasks demand your focus, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to focus on the big-picture, long-term strategy of your business.  Without a long-term focus, it’s impossible for your business to grow – and you want your business to grow!  That’s why it’s so important to occasionally take stock of your processes and systems, and see what’s working for you, and how you can make them better.

Moving your business to the cloud can be scary, but it allows you to automate so many of your everyday business processes, and that allows you to take the focus off the minutia and put it back where it belongs – on the big picture.  Having trouble keeping track of versions of collaborated documents sent back and forth via email?  Move your collaboration into Box and let them track your versions for you.  Is tracking payments – who owes you how much money from when – giving you a tension headache?  Use Netsuite to track your sales & payments, and set it up to automatically run reports of who is past due.  Tired of reminding your sales team to follow up on leads?  Use Zoho CRM to track new leads. & their calender feature to automatically remind your team to follow up.

Just about anything you do on a daily basis can be automated by moving your business to the cloud.  By freeing up your day from the minutia, you’re free to grow your business the way you meant to when you first opened your doors.  And that’s incredibly powerful.

By Kaitlan Williams

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