Google Apps? More Like Google Awesome!

November 14, 2014 3:13 pm No Comments

Have I told you lately that I love Google Apps?  It is not every day that a man falls in love with an impeccable example of cloud software, but for Google Apps, I’ll stand on Oprah’s couch and shout it from the roof tops.  I think Google and I will last longer than Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, though.
Seriously, though, what a great suite of online software.  Especially DRIVE.  I use DRIVE for work and for personal organization every single day.  Even this past weekend, I was trying to balance my finances online in a Google Sheet.  My wife and I keep shared files in DRIVE so she can make updates when she has time, and then I go in there when it works for me and add comments or notes about bills we have paid or services we have cancelled etc.
What I really love about DRIVE is how impacting the live collaboration can be especially in client meetings.  It is really powerful to be able to hand my tablet over to a client to view a Google Sheet or other digital document during a presentation and have them be able to make changes or add their own notes immediately.  Likewise, if I can use a second device like my phone or laptop, we can highlight and edit certain fields right then and there.  No more of this “let me revise the quote when I get back to my desk” bologna.
Some people are hesitant to move to the Cloud, but I cannot even imagine having to go back to the old ways now.  My head is in the Cloud, and so are all of my apps!

By Scott Wagner

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