Google Apps to the Rescue!

October 1, 2014 2:46 pm No Comments

Of course, the most important part of empoloyee flexibility is the, you know, flexibility.  Being able to work from home isn’t ideal if it means being just as chained to my home office as I was to my office office.  Luckily, Google Apps has smartphone functionality that can turn just about anywhere into a mobile office.  If a time-sensitive email comes in while I’m making myself lunch, it’s just as easy to recieve and reply to it from my phone in the kitchen as it would be from my computer at my desk.  Similarly, no matter where I am, Google Calendar reminds me of my appointments and ensures I never miss one just because I was away from my desk.  I can even access all my Drive files from my phone, if I’m meeting with a customer or on a call and don’t have access to my laptop.  In short, Google Apps gives me access to my entire office at my fingertips at all times, and provides me with the real flexibility to work wherever I am.

By Kaitlan Williams

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