Google & Zoho, Finally Together

October 8, 2014 3:13 pm No Comments

Zoho announced this week that it is adding some serious marketing tools to its users’ toolkit.  First up, Zoho has announced an integration with Google Adwords that will provide CRM customers detailed information on PPC campaign metrics.  The core functionality of this integration will be to provide ZCRM users details on what ads are resonating with new leads and customers.  When a new potential customer fills out a webform on the ZCRM user’s webpage, Zoho creates a new lead referencing back to the clicked ad. Previously, there was no direct way to correlate what ads were driving new leads within the CRM. Now, by seeing what ad was clicked to create that lead, CRM users will  be able to determine how different ads and words are performing and what their conversion rate is via Zoho reporting.  This will make tracking ROI much easier, and allow users to optimize their campaigns by seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Zoho also announced the addition of visitor tracking to their CRM, giving users the ability to track the viewing behaviors of customers and leads.  This allows ZCRM users to track who is looking at their pages, as well as what pages or offers appear to be the most popular.  This add-on represents a highly useful up-sale and cross-sale tool.  Simply putting this tool in the hands of an existing salesforce can increase their promoting & hunting abilities exponentially, allowing them to work more efficiently.

Finally, Zoho has announced Zoho Survey. This brings the ability to launch customer surveys in both manual and automated fashion. Some highlights from the presentation included: Satisfaction Surveys, which can be triggered on events such as lost potentials, requesting feedback & allowing ZCRM users to analyze their performance and potential ongoing issues; General Customer Surveys, which can be automated to all customers to allow ZCRM users to track customer satisfaction and catch any potential problems before they become issues; and the ability to see all responses inside the CRM via the reporting engine, which of course makes it easy to keep track of everything.

Its exciting to see Zoho CRM add in these features and functions. Greater shared intelligence between company web sites and their chosen CRM is on a lot of small business’s minds since both technologies are essential, and correlating their separate data is cumbersome.  Zoho appears to be positioning themselves to take full advantage of this gap, and is empowering their users in the process.

By Geoff Yochum

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