Holiday Headaches

January 6, 2015 3:11 pm No Comments

As the holidays rapidly approach, businesses face a dual dilemma unmatched by any other time of year.  It’s the end of the fiscal year, and there is a huge push to complete sales and ensure that all the paperwork is done to make sure those sales count for the year.  All the financial paperwork needs to be complete and filed before the end of the year, to make sure that your business’ financial year is self-contained and easily referenced for tax purposes.  However, it is also the holiday season, and your employees (and yourself!) may very well want to take some time off, spend time with their families, and turn their focus away from the business.  How can you balance both sides of this issue and keep your business on an even keel?

By keeping as much of your business as possible in the cloud, you’re able to offer flexibility to your employees (and yourself!) while still keeping your business moving forward.  Using a service like Netsuite, or even Box, to securely access your financial information in the cloud means that you and your employees can complete your year end financial reports while spending time with family and friends over the holidays, rather than traveling into the office.  Accessing your phone from home – or your mobile – via a VoIP service like Shoretel means that if a client (or boss!) has an emergency while you’re away from the office, you’re still available to handle it.  Ditto accessing your email via Gmail and Google Apps on mobile – they give you access to your business even while you’re away from the office.

Of course, part of the appeal of the holidays is “umplugging” and focusing on family rather than business.  But as a small business owner, the end of the year is a difficult time to do that.  It’s much easier to use the cloud to increase the flexibility in your business, allowing everyone in your organization to go home (or away!) and see their families for the holidays, while still accessing the business to ensure a strong year end close.

By: Kaitlan Williams

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