Integrations, Schmentegrations

January 12, 2015 4:49 pm No Comments

One of the best parts of working with cloud computing software as opposed to on-prem solutions is how customizable they are.  You can customize how many users are allowed on, how much storage space you need, and even the look and feel of your landing page.  Beyond that, however, there are often integration that you can take advantage of, that allow your business to work even more efficiently than working with the applications on their own.

For example, Zoho & Google can integrate, giving you the simplicity of single-sign on while also eliminating the need to duplicate customer records – if you’ve put a new customer in Zoho, their information can flow to Google, and vice versa.  You can even arrange to have a copy of any Gmails you send out to customers who have a record in Zoho saved in their Zoho record, ensuring your records are complete.

Box & Netsuite are another great integration – by accessing your record-specific Box files in their associated record in Netsuite, you can ensure your Netsuite records are always complete and up to date without adding “update files” to your ever-growing to do list.  And the full functionality of Box in Netsuite means that you can do everything you do in Box without opening a new tab or window.

These are just two examples of more popular integrations available from our partners – there are as many integrations as there are applications, frankly!  Integrating your applications allows you to build a custom solution for your business, and can often increase your effficiency in one fell swoop.

Contact us at TLG today to find out what integrations can help your business flourish!

By: Kaitlan Williams

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