Marketing Madness

October 22, 2014 5:14 pm No Comments

Sometimes, it can feel like the hardest part of running your business is the marketing.  You know you need marketing to bring in new customers, and to ensure you stay top-of-mind for existing customers, but how do you handle one more thing on your plate as a busy business owner?  Luckily, some of the cloud applications that you already use to run your business can help make marketing easier as well. is a big help for marketing teams, as it allows for collaboration while still keeping security tight.  From version control to granularsecurity settings dictating who can see (or edit, or replace) what files, it’s a great way for marketing teams to flex their creative muscles without worrying that their unfinished product will leak.  It also functions as a central location for sales to locate marketing’s documents.  Oftentimes the real struggle of sales is ensuring that the marketing collateral is up to date, because it’s difficult to keep up with the constant changes and tweaks.  With Box, it’s easy to quickly access a shared folder and know you’re pulling the most up to date information for your sales meeting.

Once you’re clear on your marketing strategy, how are you going to implement it?  Netsuite can help you answer that question, providing a full suite of marketing tools in their CRM/ERP system.  You can create groups of customers or leads, allowing you to more effectively market to them.  From those groups, you can run full email marketing campaigns that promote anything you like — your business as a whole, a sale or promotion you’re running, or create a newsletter to keep them updated on your industry.  Then, Netsuite provides you with analytics that allow you to determine what messages are resonating with which customers, allowing you to further update and refine your messaging.  And, of course, any new information from marketing automatically gets saved to the customer record, for easy access by the sales team.

Marketing is still a difficult aspect of business.  But by using the tools you already have to their full effect, you can lessen the burden on yourself and make your business more successful.

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