Mental Boxing

October 1, 2014 2:25 pm No Comments is one of those systems that is so simple it’s almost stupid, that once you start using it you’re dumbfounded that you lived without it for so long.  The premise is simple – keep your documents in the cloud, where you can access them anywhere, share with colleuges and clients, and collaborate freely, unchaining yourself from your desktop and the confusing world of email attachments.  As an employee, this system simplifies my life – I always know where I can find the most recent version of a file, no matter where I’m working or who the last person to update was.  From a security standpoint, Box’s granular controls ensure nobody sees or edits something they shouldn’t have access to, and their high-level encryption ensures that no matter where I’m working, our files are protected.

Anything that helps streamline my day is a huge hit in my life, and Box does just that.  I know that the most recent versions of everything I’m working on are at my fingertips, even when my fingertips are away from my office.

By: Kaitlan Williams

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