Netsuite’s New Look

October 1, 2014 2:13 pm No Comments

In the coming weeks Netsuite will be rolling out their 2014 version 2 release which brings a host of changes and improvements to the platform. Perhaps most notable is that the UI has been dramatically overhauled presenting a fresh clean and far more modern appearance.

My initial testing with the new update was done for the purposes of ensuring continued compatibility with scripts we had deployed to clients, but along the way I found myself enjoying the experience. Most notably, the spacing and scaling on items has changed. Items such as Multi-select boxes seem easier to manipulate and far more readable, as well as item borders giving the whole interface a much cleaner look.

Other simpler choices , such as having modifiable elements (view changes, for example) and functions (like export options) at the top left of searches simply seem logical. I found myself adjusting to the new locations immediately, as if they should have always been there.

From an admin perspective, I think the initial user confusion with these changes should be low. The coloring and spacing modifications have created a sort of “odd man out” effect for necessary functions, meaning, the ways in which you interact with the screen stand out from the background. They stand out in such a way (pdf’ing is now a red icon on a grey background, for example), where I imagine a complaint of “I can’t find X” may be resolve before it’s asked, as any time spent looking at the most prominent elements would mean they are looking at their function button.

In addition this update comes with a host of other technical improvements, such as a spam handling feedback loop (a very needed addition), and an improved WYSIWYG editor, making the email marketing engine far more usable by those not HTML savvy.

Overall, the new update seems entirely promising – the technical improvements were much needed, and the new UI is clean and easy to use. I doubt there will be much user confusion with the changes, as they are logical and intuitive.

You can view the full release notes here.

By Geoff Y

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