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Working as a sales operations specialist can sometimes be difficult – after all, supporting several salespeople, all with their different styles and focuses means that it’s  hard to create a standard procedure.  Luckily, Netsuite allows me to fill in the gaps in our business, making things smooth.

Having all our customer information in one place means I have all the information at my fingertips when I need it.  When one of our salespeople has a question about where a lead came from, I can quickly see what the Lead Source is.  If we’re ready to renew one of their subscriptions, I have their entire sales history available, allowing us to gauge if they need to be upgraded.  And when we’re ready to move from lead to customer or quote to invoice, it’s a matter of one click to make the conversion.

Speaking of click to convert, it makes the sales cycle quicker & easier as well!  Without having everything in one place, the sales cycle was a bit – scattered.  Each sales rep had their own way to send estimates – either simply putting the information in an email, or sending a Word doc or Excel spreadsheet as an attachment.  It wasn’t consistent across our business, and it caused problems for me, who worked with everyone!  I had to remember how each person liked to submit their estimates, as well as what types of discounts they were likely to give.  With Netsuite, whether the sales rep creates the estimate, it’s a professional, consistent format.   And when the time comes to convert that estimate into an invoice, I don’t have to recreate the whole thing, discounts & all – I just convert it over and know that it’s correct.

As someone who works on the back office processes that make sales easier, Netsuite makes my day-to-day easier, allowing me to take care of more things in my day.  That’s a win in my book!

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