Premise, Cloud or Hybrid?

May 1, 2015 1:58 pm No Comments

The concept of simplifying a system, platform or product is something every engineer and designer dreams of.  Here at Twin Lights, we love it as well, especially when its in the cloud.  ShoreTel has done just that with their new Connect solution.

The new ShoreTel Connect platform will effectively combine two Unified Communications systems into one common platform; premise based systems will now federate with the ShoreTel Sky service and vice versa.  This is pretty groundbreaking, considering that no other UC provider is doing this today, not even Cisco or Microsoft.
This approach to simplifying the communication system to a common platform will allow companies to find even more creative ways to deliver unified communications within their organizations.  Now, there are at least three different options, all using the same platform:
  • Premise Based
  • Cloud Based
  • Hybrid
It would appear that the folks at ShoreTel are living up to their slogan  and keeping things “Brilliantly Simple.”
By David Scott