SaaS: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (Really, it’s all Good)

October 1, 2014 2:41 pm No Comments

We’ve been at this SaaS thing for quite a few years now.  Good for Our Customers.
Have a good number of happy clients and growing number of seats.  Good for Customers. Good For Us.
With SaaS, the software is in the cloud. Good for Customers.
But, so was the support. Bad for SaaS Providers. Good for Us.
We’ve designed, deployed, and supported our SaaS solutions for our customers.  Good for All.
Configuration, custom work flow, application integration & mobile applications kept us busy.
Our best in class SaaS partners are rolling out 3rd party Application Integration modules amongst each other and mobile clients. Incestuous, yes, but Good for Them.
And Good for Customers.
Bad for Us? Not really.  Our clients are happy.
So, we’re spending less time developing and integrating applications but and more time aligning these solutions with our customers’ business processes even better.  Ugly for developers.
But Good For Customers and for Our Business Analysts.
Now I just have to find them  : )     Good for Recruiters! Good for All!

By Scott McKinney

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