Security! Security!

February 6, 2015 5:04 pm No Comments

Been hearing a lot about IT security these days.. The SONY hack where stolen confidential information including personal information on employees, emails between employees, salary information and even Intellectual Property .. unreleased movies!   Today, we’re reading about data breach at health insurer Anthem Inc, were as many as 80 million current and former policy holders may have had their personal information stolen.
This is scary stuff for businesses, large or small.  Business can lose revenue, be liable for data breaches, even go out of business, if they are hacked.
While small businesses may not be as big a target as larger businesses, they are likely more vulnerable, with less resources applied to their IT Security as larger businesses.
Why not consider best in class SaaS providers?  Not the ones offering services out of their basement, but acknowledged leaders in their segment. They have many customer (and thus revenue), reside in world class, hardened data centers, and employ full staff of IT Security specialists.
Leverage their investment in security.
Enjoy enterprise-class software.
And focus on your business and employees.
Just a thought.

By Scott McKinney

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