Separation of Duties

February 11, 2015 5:11 pm No Comments

Today,most of the tools you use tend to be pretty static in their appearance from user to user. Microsoft Word looks like Word always looks, Quickbooks looks like Quickbooks. And that follows through whomever is using that application, with the exception of permissions limiting what you have access to.

One major way Netsuite differs is that in addition to being able to set permissions to gate what people have access to, with the use of custom forms Netsuite allows you to craft a wholly different employee experience, down to the individual employee.

Have tier one staff that need to gather answers to some very simple questions? Netsuite allows you to make a form distilling what that staff member sees down to the letter, including the ORDER that information is presented in. No concessions need to be made to allow the intern a 1-2-3 visualization of your company’s data, all while allowing your advanced staff to have all that and their own data neatly tucked into subtabs or further down their own business process with that same record.

As an administrator of the system you even push out settings to staff members with unique needs. Perhaps a certain group of employees need to be seeing specific search results within their records, alerting them to problems. Perhaps your team needs a series of new dashboards to meet this quarters goal. Netsuite allows you to centrally push all of these things out to your users.

It’s these types of separate sanities that come standard with Netsuite’s powerful customization ability, allowing you to apply power and creative solutions to your emerging business needs.

By Geoffrey Yochum

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