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October 1, 2014 2:20 pm No Comments

The most important part of any office is the phone system – both internal and external communications rely on that one single system.  The ability to call a coworkers extension to ask a question or confirm information helps any office run efficiently, and of course without a reliable phone system clients wouldn’t be able to get in touch with us!  In fact, for many employees, the phone system is a major barrier to working from home or having flexible hours, since it is hardlined into the office.  Working from home means giving out a cell or home phone number, which limits their ability to “turn off” after work hours, plus it separates them from the rest of their office – being on a cell or home phone removes employees from the extension system, and even from their voice mailboxes.

Shoretel Sky is an IP phone system, which means it works through an internet connection.  By taking home a spare phone from the office and plugging it into my internet connection at home, I’m able to work just as if I’m in the office – my phone number is the same, I can transfer calls to my colleagues & call them on their internal extensions, and I have full access to my voice mail.  Clients and vendors call the same number to reach me as they always do, so I never have to worry about giving out my personal numbers.  If I do have to step away from my desk, I simply use the call forwarding option to send the calls to my cell to ensure that I don’t miss anything – and if I still manage to miss a call, Shoretel sends me a Voicemail notification right away to let me know.  Shoretel makes it easy for me to work without being chained to a desk.

By Kaitlan Williams

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