Smarter, NOT Harder

April 27, 2015 11:55 am No Comments

There are always a million small tasks that need attention, no matter what department you’re talking about.  IT is no exception – on any given day, IT deals with various computer crashes, protecting your business from threats, password resets, and a thousand other small tasks to help keep your business running smoothly.  The problem, of course, is that while they keep your business running smoothly on the day-to-day, it takes their attention away from the big picture.  What if, instead of focusing on keeping the status quo, your IT staff was able to turn their attention to improving your business?  What could they do for you – improve security, efficiency, even save you money by eliminating duplication throughout your organization?

IT may always have small tasks on their plate, but you can take your phone system off their minds by moving to the cloud.  When you move your phone system from the closet to the cloud, it’s one less thing for IT to focus on during their day-to-day.  Using a hosted cloud solution like Shoretel Sky gives you access to their expert support system, who can help you with everything from password resets to call flow changes to adding or removing users.  And because every single user has access to those experts, it empowers them to control their own phone instance.  IT is freed up from focusing on the phone and can divert that attention to increasing your business’s efficiency and lead you to success!