Take Care of Customers & Customers Take Care of You

January 6, 2015 3:13 pm No Comments

So this week was great lesson in customer service and the age old mentality of “never burning bridges”.  About a year ago, one of our clients hit an economic downturn in their business and had to close their operation which meant terminating the services we supported as well.  These folks were a great customer and the main contact and I had great rapport.  We understood that they would need the services we supported up until the day they officially closed their doors.  Our contact expressed that his other vendors had been less than accommodating after news spread that the business was doing poorly and left them hanging to fend for themselves.  I guess I can see how that would happen, but that is not the way I work.
We supported this company through their termination of services as thoroughly as we had done during their implementation.  They were our customer and we took care of them regardless of the situation.
Now fast forward to today.  I just got a call from my former primary contact and he was lucky enough to find work quickly after the other business closed.  After taking his time to figure out his new employers’ operation and business needs he called me and said he wanted Twin Lights to be his primary consultant on the first project he was managing.  He loved the way we treated their account during the bad times when every one else turned their backs.  This is a perfect example of when one door closes, another one opens.

By Scott Wagner

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