The Top 5 Reasons To Move To The Cloud

October 22, 2014 5:16 pm No Comments

Cloud technology has taken off in the last few years – but has your business taken the plunge?  There are plenty of reasons to be nervous about moving to the cloud (after all, business has survived just fine without it for plenty of years, right?).  But that’s not what this post is about.  This post is about reasons for you to move your business to the cloud.  Because you didn’t get into business because you’re easily scared, or because you are nervous around new things.  You just want to understand why it’s the best thing for your  business.  So, without further ado, I present the top five reasons you should move your business into the cloud:

5) Break Free From Your Office – the most obvious reason, the most commonly cited reason, but that’s no reason to skip over or act like it isn’t a big deal.  The cloud lets you work anywhere, whatever that means to you.  If it means answering an important email while at a baseball game with your kids, the cloud has you covered.  If it means accessing and editing an important document while you’re between meetings on the road, the cloud has you covered.  I hesitate to say anything is impossible, but it just may be impossible to state the impact getting out of your office can have on your business.

4) Look More Professional – this is much more subtle than number 5, but I think it’s just as important.  There’s a professionalism that’s lost when your customer doesn’t recognize the number you’re calling from (because it’s your cell, or house line, because you’re working from home), or when you have to search to find the correct version of a document that your team has edited several times via email.  By moving your phone or document sharing systems (respectively) to the cloud, you can provide a more professional image to your clients.  There’s a cloud solution for every aspect of your business, and they can all help your image.

3) Simplify Your Life – “simplify” is a big buzzword these days.  It seems like everyone is talking about having less or doing less, in an attempt to simplify and streamline.  But if doing less simply isn’t an option?  Doing it easier seems to be the way to go.  Rather than searching through emails by hand (so to speak), use an email system with a simple and intuitive search feature.  Instead of using spreadsheets to keep track of your customers and financial records (hello headaches!), put them in a cloud CRM/ERP system that does the heavy lifting for you.  We can’t always control how much is on our plates, but we can choose to go about it the easiest way possible.

2) Set Your IT Team Free – is your IT team spending all or most of its time troubleshooting your current system?  Are they behind the eight ball instead of ahead of the curve?  By moving your business to the cloud, your IT team no longer has to focus on upkeep.  Your systems run themselves, offsite and out of mind.  Your team is free to focus on other tasks – like tightening security or increasing efficiency.

1) Save Your Business Money – oftentimes, business owners are disturbed by the upfront cost of moving to the cloud.  Sticking with what they know seems easier, and cheaper.  But ask yourself this – is your current solution scalable?  If your business doubles, or even triples, in the next year, how easy will it be for your current system (whether you’re thinking about your financial system, your customer records, or your document storage) to keep up?  Will you incur large upgrade costs?  Will your IT bill skyrocket as your team struggles to keep up?  Moving to the cloud can help eliminate those concerns – the systems are inherently scalable, and upgrade costs are kept to a minimum.  If you intend to grow your business (and really, who doesn’t?) the cloud is the place to do so.

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