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How many hours did you work this week?  30, 40, 50, 60?
According to the Bureau of Labor, the average non-farm private sector employee worked 34.5 hours per week as of June 2012 and has gone up to over 35 hours per week in 2014.  (Source  But thanks to virtual offices, wireless communications & cloud based applications, we may already be working more than we ever have before.
When  you answered the question did you factor in last night’s client you took on the way home?  How about the email you responded to from Belgium on Wednesday morning while getting dressed?  Or, the late night call from Australia on Monday that couldn’t wait for a Tuesday email response?  Individually, these actions may only take a few minutes, but they can add hours onto our work weeks.
We work in a global economy that looks for real time updates and instant responses.  Its not a bad thing, its just different, faster; the business world is evolving.  Technology helps make it easier for us to deal with this change and be more productive.  If you can balance your work life with your personal life more efficiently, then its a good thing.  If not, then you’re probably working more than you think.
It is hard to turn off from work when work & home are so closely intertwined,  Most people have both work and personal data on the same device, and are addicted to those devices.  We are attached to our technology roughly 16 hours a day.  Not so? Think about how long you go without checking your phone, tablet or computer?   I would imagine its less than an hour.
As we carry more and more of our lives on our devices, and more and more of our work lives migrate to the virtual realm, it will become and more more difficult to maintain a work / life balance.  Imagine you could compartmentalize your work and personal life, making it easier to “check out” of work and “check in” to home.  There’s an app for that!
Enter Toggle.
Toggle allows you to maintain two separate profiles or virtual instances on the same device.  This way, you can “lock up” your virtual office for the night when it’s time to let go of work.  Toggle lets you keep all the perks of a virtual office – like the flexibility, ability to work anywhere & respond immediately to any issues – while also allowing you to maintain a life outside of work.

By: David Scott

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