Want To Spend Less Time on Busywork?

October 1, 2014 2:09 pm No Comments

Geoff and Olivia can easily get rid of Geoff’s overtime – and give him more time to spend chasing down leads and building the business – by integrating their email server and CRM. Google Apps and Zoho are made to work together, and they can easily cut your data entry time in half if you properly integrate them and use them to their full potential. The systems can be set up to to sync your email contacts to your CRM, your CRM contacts to your email, or both – allwoing you to put in the customer information one time, secure in the knowledge that it will be automatically duplicated wherever you need it.

But time and money aren’t saved if they’re simply shuttled from one wheel-spinning activity to another. So don’t waste your time trying to set up Google and Zoho to work together on your own – you could just as easily end up with two half-working systems that nobody in your business wants to use because they make everyone’s day harder. Instead, call Twin Lights Group to help get your system up and running effectively. For $40/user/month – less than the cost of a smartphone – we’ll get your applications up and running, with your company information inputted so you’re ready to start working from day 1, rather than wasting still more time on data entry. We’ll even integrate the systems and train your staff, so your business is immediately more effective, not less. Call or email us today!

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