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Well folks….after a very busy couple of years deploying Cloud Solutions for our clients, we’ve finally gotten around to updating our web site and we hope you like it. I don’t want to invoke the worn-out proverb about “the shoekeeper’s children going without shoes”, but that has literally been the case with Twin Lights Group.
We’ve been busy deploying all types of Cloud and SaaS solutions for our clients…both profit and non-profit…to automate their workflows, improve their efficiencies, and reduce their IT cost. All the while, these solutions have been evolving and changing and our clients are becoming aware as well, in spite of some renown software vendors trying to re-label themselves as Cloud vendors…even though they’re not.   We’ve learned a lot…we’ve made some mistakes…but are for the better because of it.   The purpose of this blog will be to impart our experience with these new technologies. We will tell you what’s working. What isn’t….hopefully we’ll have some funny and ironic stories to tell. We’ll let you know of some trends… as we figure them out…again…I don’t want to use another tired adage…something about “seeing the forest through the trees”
That said, let’s get some definitions out of the way.
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): Software that is accessed over the Internet and runs inside a browser. Customers pay by the user and they don’t need to purchase servers or hire IT staff.  How can customers not like this?
Cloud Technologies: Provide robust computing, networking or security infrastructure over the Web…eliminating the need to manage the hardware yourself. Almost like SaaS, but without the software application.
CRM: Is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management and entails a systematic approach towards handling sales, marketing and customer support interactions.
Now some trends.
3 years ago…enterprises didn’t know what the cloud was.
Now they do and they are not only kicking the tires…but they are buying, especially small-to-mid size companies and non-profits. First steps are usually email and CRM.  Hosted email because of improved user collaboration and just freeing themselves from the headaches of managing their email server.  CRM because they want to increase their sales and better support their customers. And once they get these capabilities, they want to extend them to their phones, to their website and more, which is the fun part of our job.
Come back for more wisdom soon.
By Scott McKinney

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