Your Phone, Your Business

April 7, 2015 5:02 pm No Comments

In today’s business world, cloud is king.  If you can’t access your entire business at the touch of a button whenever, wherever you are, you’re behind the times and in danger of losing business as others surpass you.  Your email is on your cell phone, your documents are in the cloud & available wherever you are, your phone…you still have a traditional landline in your office, giving out your personal cell number to customers for when you’re on the road?  Why don’t you have a hosted cloud service for VoIP?  Let’s count down the reasons why you should”

5) Never miss a call again – whether you prefer traditional fowarding or using the mobile app, all your office calls will come through your cell phone no matter where you are

4) Simple Setup – whether you need simple, straight in and out calls or a complex system with auto attendants and time-sensitive recordings, we can help you get everything set up

3) Control – control of your own phone or the entire system via an easy to use, web based portal accessible from anywhere

2) Excellent Service – most service tickets are completely resolved in less than 48 hours; many are resolved in a single phone call

1) Keep Up Apperances – if you’re out and about on your cell phone, do you hesitate to call clients for fear of looking unprofessional?  By using the Shoretel Sky Mobility app, you can place phone calls from your cell, within the app, and have your office number appear in the caller ID.

So what are you waiting for?  Click Here to learn more about how Shoretel Sky can take your business to the next level