February 24, 2015 8:12 pm No Comments

Typically I can pride myself on being very well organized, prepared and punctual.  However, every once in a while we all have those days where our phone dies overnight which means we miss our alarm and start playing catch up when the day has barely started.  Last Friday I had one of those days.  Nothing was falling in to place.  Shut my alarm off instead of hitting “Snooze”; used the Decaf coffee instead of the MUCH STRONGER Regular Dark Roast and then proceeded to burn my lip while multi-tasking and dripping it on my tie.  Tie’s used to be used as napkins, so maybe I was on to something there.
Luckily I made it out the door that morning without serious injury.  There were no other delays on the way to my first meeting and I thought I was in good shape.  I had salvaged what promised to be a morning to loathe.  That is when I reached in to my bag to grab my presentation which I now remembered was sitting, freshly printed and bound, on my kitchen table, 37 miles away.
Looking around the room anxiously, making cliche but effective small talk – I tried to come up with a game plan.  I could not have my 3 contacts look over my shoulder at a powerpoint presentation on my laptop – that was too unprofessional.  I needed to make this work and quickly.  Since the presentation centered around cloud based CRM applications anyway, I thought I could easily suggest that we take the meeting to a room with a projector or large flat screen monitor so I could present our proposal but also show them a demonstration of the application.
They loved this idea and suggesting it allowed me to simply access my BOX account where I had kept the presentation anyhow.  So in presenting my CRM proposal through the BOX previewer function, I killed two birds with one stone.  This customer liked BOX so much, they purchased this in conjunction with the CRM app.  You cannot ask for much more from a day that started out 10 minutes late with coffee stains to boot.
By Scott Wagner