Clients Testimonials

What our clients are saying.

At Twin Lights Group, the respect of our clients means the world to us.  Below you will find some of the comments that our clients have made in reference to working with us:


“Thanks to Twin Lights Group, our migration to Google Apps was simple and stress free. They took the time to address our concerns, train our staff, and ensured everyone was comfortable with the transition. Twin Lights continues to support us post migration and we look forward to working with them on other projects.”

-Andrew, Gloria Zastko Realtors

Twin Lights group has helped us to find the best telecom solutions for our business needs, domestically and internationally.”

-Allen, RCG Global Services

I work with Twin Lights because they are a trusted advisor and they’ve always worked hard for me as a customer. From contract negotiation to advising on infrastructure, they’ve been the best resource I’ve had. They’ve helped us make decisions that save time and resources allowing my teams to work effectively in a changing tech environment.”


-Nick, the barbarian group

Twin Lights Group is the most effective Telecom advisor I have had in over 30 years and considering I started with MCI in the 80’s, worked in various LEC, CLECs, and IXC in my career, now that I am on the other side of the table, I am a challenging customer.  They take responsibility for most everything above and beyond what I have ever seen.   Their trusted advisor status with my team cuts through red tape, provides recommendations that are logical and accepted, and ensures that we get not only what we ask for, but more importantly, what we need. ”

-Eric, Axis Capital

We have worked with the Twin Lights Group for several years.  With their direct assistance we have been able to expand our data management, phone services, and web programming in such away that we can now serve thousands of clients in a more professional and timely way.  Our increased capacity has resulted in substantial agency growth, better utilization of resources and much improved management tools.”

-Donna, Affordable Housing Alliance

Twin Lights Group is always a pleasure to work with. They are knowledgeable, resourceful and have always gone the extra distance for us. They deserve to be on your list of go-to resources.”

-Doug, Learning Express

Our work with the team at Twinlights Group has been a fantastic experience. We were thrilled when they helped us with a complex datacenter move and they have consistently helped us focus and accomplish our goals. What we appreciate the most about working with Dave and his team is their ability to understand our business, advocate for us and deliver the expected results and then some.”

-Dave, eChalk

“Twinlights takes the anxiety and guesswork out of working with major phone carriers as they have an unparalleled knowledge of the communications industry and a deep understanding of the inner workings of the carriers.  Their constant communication and ability to manage our requests seamlessly is quite refreshing.”

-Larry, Cole Schotz

“Content Critical Solutions  partnered with Twin Lights for their technical expertise, sound advice, project management skills and staff availability which are far superior to their peers in the industry.  We have worked with Twin Lights for the past 28 months on projects as large as data center relocation to as small as installing a POTS line with the same attention to detail.  I highly recommend them for all your telecommunications needs.”

-Louis, Content Critical, LLC

“I work with Twin Lights because of the excellent customer service and high level of expertise they provide.  Twin Lights is an important extension of the IT department at Roka Bioscience.”

-Daniel, Roka Bioscience, Inc.