Control Freak

May 4, 2015 12:18 pm No Comments

Some people call me a control freak.  I don’t like leaving things in other people’s hands – I always worry that they won’t take it as seriously as I will.  After all, what’s a priority for me may not be for someone else – a desire to have my phone find me if I’m away from my desk is a big deal to me and the people who are trying to reach me, but to an IT team, it’s just another request in a long list.

That’s why I’m thrilled my company uses Shoretel Sky.  Shoretel Sky puts the control of my phone system in my  own hands – without sacrificing the security of my coworkers.  As a user, I have control over my phone – and only my phone.  If I know I’m going to be spending a day away from my desk, I can forward my calls to my cell phone.  Or, if I’d rather have the freedom to move around without worrying about if I remembered to forward my calls, I can throw on find me / follow me mode – after a set number of rings, the call is sent to any other number of other phones before bouncing back to my voice mail.  I’m much less likely to miss calls, and my customers are much more likely to be happy with me!

Having control of my phone system is important to me – and Shoretel gives me the tools to hold onto that control!

By Kaitlan Williams