April 13, 2015 2:52 pm No Comments

Paperwork is generally considered the worst, no matter what field you’re in.  Nobody likes taking up precious work time logging what they’ve done – but without those logs, it’s difficult to impossible to see what is really going on in your business.  Now, you can integrate your Shoretel Sky VoIP application with your Netsuite CRM application, and everybody in your business will benefit!

5) Marketing benefits from the in-depth analytics on call blasts.  By seeing what salespeople – or sales script – was most effective, marketing is easily able to adjust future call blasts to get the most bang for their buck, increasing their ROI.

4) Customer Service benefits, because all the information they need for each call is automatically populated when they answer the phone.  They can easily see if the customer has called before, what has been done to attempt to resolve their issue, and if someone else is actively working on it – saving everyone precious time on the phone and creating happier customers!

3) Sales Teams benefit from no longer wasting crucial sales time logging calls with customers – no matter where they’re calling from, Shoretel will automatically create a log of the call in Netsuite.  The salesperson still has the option to add his or her own notes, of course – but if there’s no time for that, there’s still a record of the call itself.

2) Management benefits, because since the sales teams no longer have to manually log calls, their managers no longer have to chase them down for those logs.  Management is free to zero in on cases that truly need their attention, rather than being scattered between all customer communications.

1) Customers benefit!  From more effective customer service, sales teams, and management – if your people are able to do their jobs better & more effectively, they can focus more time and energy on the customers – and isn’t that what’s ultimately best for your business?