April 20, 2015 10:51 am No Comments

Your business lives or dies on your ability to stay in contact.  If a potential client can’t get in touch with your sales team, they’ll move on and give the business to your competitor.  If a current client has trouble getting in touch with your customer service department, they’re more likely to cancel their service and give your business a bad reputation via word of mouth.  On a personal level, everyone can understand that technical issues happen and that it’s not really your fault when they hit your business.  But on a business level, nobody has time for empathy – minutes are dollars!

This need for reliability is a big reason why businesses are reluctant to move to VoIP systems.  Keeping your phone and internet systems separate seems like a good idea, of course – if your phone goes down you can still interact with clients through email, or vice versa – but it means giving up all the benefits of the cloud when it comes to your phone system.  A much better idea is to simply get the most reliable VoIP system out there.  Shoretel Sky is a hosted cloud solution – meaning your calls are routed through their protected system rather than the open internet.  Not only is this a more secure way to handle business, but Shoretel can even provide you with a dedicated T1 (or bigger!) line into your business.  That keeps your phone line separate from your internet, meaning that if your internet provider gets knocked out, your phones will still be humming away.

Even if you choose not to go with the dedicated line, however, Shoretel’s additional features give an extra layer of reliability for your business.  Your sales team can set their phone to find or follow mode – if they don’t answer their main desk line, or the phone is off, the call is forwarded to whatever number they choose before bouncing back to their voice mail.  You can route your customer service calls to another location or alternate phone line, ensuring you don’t miss any calls no matter what happens.