Security Issues

March 16, 2015 1:00 pm No Comments

Security is the most important part of moving your small business to the cloud – whether you consider client’s personal information, your own company’s confidential documents, or simply internal emails discussing future plans, every business has something that needs to be protected.  Luckily, today’s cloud applications are specifically made with an eye to security, to help keep your small business far away from the security breaches that make the news each week.

Worried about your employees sending out proprietary or confidential information to people outside the company – maliciously or through simple ignorance?  Zscaler’s email filtering automatically scans each and every email sent from within your company – text and attachments – and blocks things that you want to stay internal from escaping.  Whether you’re concerned about a disgruntled employee maliciously leaking information, or just new employees misunderstanding what can and cannot be shared, Zscaler protects your business.

Need to share documents with employees on the road, or with clients, but worry about your documents being leaked?  Box encrypts your files while you’re using them as well as while they’re at rest, and gives you granular security settings to prevent people from seeing things they shouldn’t.  You can easily prevent an employee from seeing anything that doesn’t pertain to their specific job duties, or a client from seeing anything but the file or folder you’re working on with them.  Box allows you the flexibility of cloud sharing & collaboration, without the fear of your documents falling into the wrong hands.

Having all the information for your business’ financials in one place is vital to having a full understanding of the health of your business.  Using a cloud CRM/ERP solution is simply good sense – after all, you love the simplicity of using full service cloud systems, and the flexibility they offer you as a busy business owner.  But how can you ensure that your client information as well as your company’s financial data is secure??  Netsuite offers stringent, comprehensive security certifications – kept current and updated at need by Netsuite, without the need for you to worry about it.  You can rest assured that your information is protected from any external attack by their multilayered security process.

Security is the most important part of trying to grow your business in the cloud – whether you’re looking at a specific cloud security solution, or just a solution that will put your data in the cloud, understanding how they protect you is key to making the right decisions for your business.

By Kaitlan Williams